SkaKiN TiMe

Saturday, August 6, 2011

~UseLeSs EnEmY~

Im a little man sitting in the dark
Holding hopelessly Cigarette between my luck
Counting on my days hoping for a special bit
waiting my life changing moment for a next bit hit
but i…..ain’t doing nothing
staring at the sky losing chances passing by
and it’s clear you know that I am
my own, useless enemy….
I walk all around town to find a decent job
But there’s no place in the town that I can hit a spot
I hate shifts and working for a little dime
Because it cannot pay my life and cannot buy my time
But i…..Keep losing something
I’m not surprise you’re leaving me behind
and it’s clear you know that I am
my own, useless enemy
you know I’m not persistence
because,I always in my bed
there’s nothing i can proof to you
believing in what I became because nothing I would misses
reaching for an air to breath bleeding on the past I reach
and I begging you once chance of existence
I’ll be strong and nothing stands in my way
I’m alive… I’m alive… I get something from the sky
A book of guidance from a blink of an eye
Not a drink of water shattering in my mind
About the red light district showing superfine
Not a blast white sugar showing two borderline

The bEsT Of THe Day


hari nie genap lima hari aku berpuasa kt kolej kesayangan ku...hahahah syg laplak ...ari nie jugak pertama kali nye aku dPt Anugerah cemerlang kat kolej....rase bangga lah Plak...lagi bertambah best abg aku pon dapat anugerah tuu,,tapi bukan senang nak dapat anugerah itu jika tanpa bantu rakan2 ku…harap2 sem nie aku dpt anugerah yg plg aku nk sgt aku capai iaitu anugerah dekan..AKu akan yang  terbAik untuk departMent aku  sendiri Iaitu AdvancE ConStruction SYstem  sekian…aKu dah XDA ap nk ckp lg...

selamat :)
MeMories Of RoOf TrUsSes