SkaKiN TiMe

Saturday, August 6, 2011

~UseLeSs EnEmY~

Im a little man sitting in the dark
Holding hopelessly Cigarette between my luck
Counting on my days hoping for a special bit
waiting my life changing moment for a next bit hit
but i…..ain’t doing nothing
staring at the sky losing chances passing by
and it’s clear you know that I am
my own, useless enemy….
I walk all around town to find a decent job
But there’s no place in the town that I can hit a spot
I hate shifts and working for a little dime
Because it cannot pay my life and cannot buy my time
But i…..Keep losing something
I’m not surprise you’re leaving me behind
and it’s clear you know that I am
my own, useless enemy
you know I’m not persistence
because,I always in my bed
there’s nothing i can proof to you
believing in what I became because nothing I would misses
reaching for an air to breath bleeding on the past I reach
and I begging you once chance of existence
I’ll be strong and nothing stands in my way
I’m alive… I’m alive… I get something from the sky
A book of guidance from a blink of an eye
Not a drink of water shattering in my mind
About the red light district showing superfine
Not a blast white sugar showing two borderline

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